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Medical Imaging Associates

Medical Imaging Associates is pleased to introduce a select group of radiologists who offer an array of expertise in Neuroradiology, Body Imaging, Musculoskeletal Radiology, Nuclear Medicine, General Radiology, Cardiac Imaging, & Breast Imaging. Their education & practical backgrounds come together from across the country. The physicians that make up Medical Imaging Associates attended distinguished schools and were instructed in rigorous programs graduating top of their classes. Furthermore, their clinic & hospital affiliations dot the United States from the East to the West Coast. As partners in healthcare, Medical Imaging Associates offers their education, training, and expertise to the medical communities they work with to better patient care. Medical Imaging Associates has provided a wealth of knowledge & resources to the medical community for over fifty years & counting.

Coat of Arms

Coat of Arms

The Medical Imaging Associates Coat of Arms represents the core values of our medical practice.

First and foremost is the patient, represented by the human figure at the top. Everything we do is focused on providing better patient care

Next are three symbols in the center band. They represent scientific excellence, learning and cooperation. These are the tools to keep ourselves at the forefront of the medicine of radiology.

Last is the medical symbol, the Asclepius staff, reminding us to keep all of our efforts focused on providing accurate medical diagnoses of the radiology studies we interpret.

The latin text repeated around the border of the shield reads: Statutum Anno MCMLV. Vita humana per scientiam et disciplinam et consortionem. Ars, sapientia, cura, incrementum.

Translation: Established 1955. Human life through science, learning, and cooperation. skill, wisdom, empathy, innovation.